Thanks for stopping by. I'm a visual and interaction designer based in northern California. I studied traditional graphic design and illustration at Kent State University in the early 90’s. While I still enjoy creating posters, logos and illustrations I've spent the past decade applying classic visual design principles to human–computer interaction research. I create prototypes, videos and illustrations that explore and explain new concepts and technologies. My artistic approach to interface design tends to compliment the work of my computer scientist colleagues.

Early in my career I was part of a team that helped Key Bank, Eaton Corporation and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame take their first steps onto the World Wide Web. We also developed digital sales and recruiting applications for the Cleveland Indians and Ernst & Young LLP. Later I worked with Jack Morton Worldwide to develop print, video and interactive assets for companies including PeopleSoft, Amgen and JP Morgan. In 2002 I spent a year creating artwork, video and applications that explained the function of the IKONOS earth observing satellite. I continue to work with scientists and engineers to explain the complexities of their technologies. I've consulted with Hyperion Power Generation and IX Power; both are involved in energy production.

I've co-authored several peer reviewed papers. I'm a co-inventor of four patented, and several patent pending, multimedia and user interface technologies.

If you're here because we met running on a trail somewhere, check out the running section of my site. I've posted some photos from races and panoramic images I've taken while running in the Bay Area. Information about the running I do for charity can be found there too.

Tony Dunnigan