Design Portfolio

I've divided my work into three categories. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you'd like more details about a particular project.


Graphic + Interactive Design

I've produced print and interactive designs since the mid 90's. Both mediums present similar communication challenges with unique technical requirements. Both must elicit a positive emotional response through a viewer's interaction with media. In user interface and interaction design, this is called a positive user experience. In graphic design, this is called clarity and legibility. Of course, the x-factor for both of these is style.

I have a real fondness for logos. I tend to like logos that tell a story. Every logo I design starts out as a pencil sketch based on input from the client. From there, I work on refining the silhouette in black and white. I like to introduce color fairly late in the design process. I feel that this approach yeilds marks that can be reproduced in the wides possible variety of mediums. 


Concept Renderings

In the early 2000's I began helping scientists and engineers explain their ideas. I enjoy this work because the resulting illustrations tend to become a part of the research process. I wrote about this interaction here.

Each illustration begins with many pencil sketches. The final artwork combines 3D, hand drawn and photographic elements.


Videos + Motion Graphics

More often than not, a series of illustrations will lead to a video. The videos I produce tend to illustrate a concept or provide a platform for a research scientist to explain their work.

I do all of the plotting, art direction, 3D animation, special effects and editing for the videos I work on. I also do some of the videography, but I prefer working with a trained camera operator.